Poilievre rejects responsibility for his toxic politics - 2022-09-02

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F185.png Poilievre rejects responsibility for his toxic politics September 2, 2022, Nick Seebruch, rabble.ca

In less than two weeks the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) will elect a new leader, and it is likely that person will be Pierre Poilievre. A poll taken in early August found that Poilievre had the support of 44 per cent of his party to be their next leader, while his closest rival Jean Charest polled at a mere 17 per cent.

Poilievre's style as a politician over the course of his career has been one of a conservative attack dog. His campaign to become the next leader of the CPC has been particularly toxic due to his attempts to use disgraced former U.S. president Donald Trump as an example to follow.

During the course of his leadership campaign, Poilievre has stepped up his personal attacks on not only his political opponents, but like Trump, has chosen the media as a fertile field from which he can farm the outrage of his supporters.

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