Porn Stars Are Terrified of Amy Coney Barrett - 2020-10-19

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F375.png Porn Stars Are Terrified of Amy Coney Barrett October 19, 2020, Aurora Snow, Daily Beast

Who fills the next Supreme Court vacancy matters—and it may even impact your sex life.

Yes, if Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett becomes the next Supreme Court justice, the future of the commercial sex industry could be in grave danger—as could the viewing entertainment of millions of Americans since, according to Pornhub statistics, the U.S. consistently outranks all other countries in maintaining the highest rate of daily traffic to Pornhub. Thus, as the Senate hearings to confirm Amy Coney Barrett draw to a close, her seemingly inevitable spot on the bench has sparked panic among the sex-worker community.

"If she's confirmed, it could be catastrophic for the adult industry if and when any First Amendment-related cases reach the Supreme Court," argues adult actress Siri Dahl. "Instead of supporting equal free speech for all Americans, she seems to support privileged free speech for religious Americans. There's no way that will be good for the porn industry."

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