Postmedia Is Taking A Turn (Further) To The Right - 2019-08-12

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F0.png Postmedia Is Taking A Turn (Further) To The Right August 12, 2019, Sean Craig, Canadaland

But October 2018 was different. October 2018 was the start of something unprecedented.

Several editors at the National PostPostmedia's flagship newspaper with an explicitly conservative political mandate, where I reported on media from 2016 to 2017 — were summoned to a meeting on the 12th floor of the company's headquarters.

There, according to three sources familiar with the meeting, company president Andrew MacLeod told them that their paper — which launched in 1998 to serve as the voice of thoughtful, modern Canadian conservatism, and which many would argue remains so — was insufficiently conservative.

Some of the Post's marquee columnists, albeit right-leaning, have tended to take a variety of positions on subjects ranging from carbon pricing to socio-cultural issues, and so editors were told the paper had to become more reliable in its conservative politics.

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