Protests over autism changes 'boggles my mind': Ford - 2019-06-19

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F0.png Protests over autism changes 'boggles my mind': Ford June 19, 2019, Marieke Walsh, iPolitics

Over the last year Ford's government has completely overhauled how Ontario funds autism services. The previous system left thousands of people on a wait-list but directly funded services and there was no cap on how much money a child could get for their treatment, funding was instead based on the needs of the child.

Moving forward the government is planning to give money directly to families, instead of the service providers and the funding will not be based on need. Instead, children under six who have been diagnosed with autism will get $20,000 per year and children between six and 18 will get $5,000 per year.

Families at a press conference on Wednesday, said they have not yet received any money and their children who were receiving care under the old system are having their treatment thrown into chaos as organizations try to transition to the new model before the December deadline.

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