Proud Boys' Violence: A Pattern - 2018-10-15

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F0.png Proud Boys' Violence: A Pattern October 15, 2018, Jared Holt, Right Wing Watch

On Friday, Gavin McInnes CRTV host and founder of the right-wing Proud Boys movement, addressed the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City, where he reenacted the assassination of the leader of the Japanese Socialist Party in 1960. After the event, McInnes walked outside, brandished a sword, and left the area. Shortly after, several members of the Proud Boys group he founded engaged in violence against three people just blocks away from the venue while yelling homophobic slurs, with one member even celebrating that he had won a fight against a person he called a "fucking foreigner."

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, McInnes' event—and the violence that was carried out afterward—had attracted individuals affiliated with the skinhead gangs 211 Bootboys and Battalion 49.

Videographer Sandi Bachom captured footage of the incident:

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