Quillette, Ben Shapiro, and the Myth of Conservative 'Facts' - 2019-03-23

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F375.png Quillette, Ben Shapiro, and the Myth of Conservative 'Facts' March 23, 2019, Alex Leo, Daily Beast

"Today's culture wars are framed as a contest between Left & Right, but it's about epistemology more than politics," tweeted Claire Lehmann. "On one side we have those who value evidence and reason, and on the other we have those who lay claim to knowledge via emotion and drama."

Lehmann, the editor in chief of Quillette, is echoing a refrain oft shouted from the right: "We are the rational ones, the left is all about emotions. Facts don't care about your feelings!" The irony, of course, is this mythology the right has built about itself ignores its deeply anti-intellectual roots and embrace of grievance and fear over facts.

Quillette, a site that fancies itself intellectually contrarian but mostly publishes right-wing talking points couched in grievance politics, recently published a piece by Richard Hanania, a research fellow at Columbia University, called "It Isn't Your Imagination: Twitter Treats Conservatives More Harshly Than Liberals."

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