Rebekah Mercer Raised Specter of "Armed Conflict" in 2019 Book - 2021-01-27

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F0.png Rebekah Mercer Raised Specter of "Armed Conflict" in 2019 Book January 27, 2021, Matthew Cunningham-Cook, The Intercept

Mercer has been financing a host of right-wing individuals and groups involved in the storming of the Capitol, The Intercept reported earlier this month, from Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward to "Stop the Steal" organizer Ali Alexander, in addition to her role as a financier of news website Breitbart and the social network Parler. In 2020, Mercer's father, Robert Mercer, donated $1.5 million to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's super PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, and the Mercers donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican National Committee.

The far right has used extensive "civil war" rhetoric, including on January 6. "How we got to this point is that fascist billionaires like Rebekah Mercer have bankrolled and fueled the rise of violent white supremacist and authoritarian forces in this country," said Saqib Bhatti, the co-executive director of the Action Center on Race & the Economy. "Mercer co-founded Parler, the app that fascists used to plan violent demonstrations before it was shut down. She and her family have helped fund reactionary causes and candidates, including one of the patron saints of the insurrection at the Capitol, Ted Cruz. Mercer is not warning us against armed conflict, she is threatening us with it."

The Mercers also own a firearms company, Centre Firearms Co., with a warehouse in Queens, New York, that includes "an Mk 19 belt-fed grenade launcher, capable of hurling 60 explosives per minute."

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