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Recovered addict now helps run a detox center - 1998-12-04

F0.png Recovered addict now helps run a detox center December 4, 1998, Kathy Robertson, Sacramento Business Journal

One way to rid the body of drugs is to use exercise and niacin to increase circulation. That's supposed to mobilize toxins lodged in fat and get the body to excrete them. Once toxins are mobilized in the bloodstream, patients drink plenty of purified water and undergo stints in the sauna to promote excretion. Water, salt and potassium are taken to prevent dehydration or mineral deficiency. The daily treatment takes three to five hours.

The Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education, a nonprofit research group in Los Angeles, has sponsored several tests of the technique. A 1982 study that reviewed more than 100 case histories -- and others since then -- concluded that the method is safe and effective at reducing chemicals in the body, according to a 1995 research report by the foundation.

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