Red Toryism: It was a wonderful life - 2019-12-17

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F94.png Red Toryism: It was a wonderful life December 17, 2019, Rick Salutin, Opinion, Toronto Star

Red Toryism was sort of like "It's a Wonderful Life." It reflected a white, small-town Canada where not just individuals but their governments cared. They were like James Stewart, who's a banker, in the film. They made a difference in stolid, conservative ways. They were progressive conservatives.

I once talked to Bill Davis' right hand at Queen's Park. His job was to call the barbershops in Listowel or Lindsay and ask what people were saying, then figure out how to reconcile that with big public programs like medicare, cancelling the Spadina Expressway or building more, basically free, universities.

Fat chance in the race to succeed Scheer. Look at today's prototypical Conservative, Jason Kenney. As a Harper minister, he did well with immigrants. But his government also put in the Barbaric Cultural Practices Tipline. In Alberta, he's resurrected McCarthyism by seeing foreign agents behind climate protest. It's the green menace instead of the red one.

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