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Robert Mercer Is Pumped For Nuclear Annihilation - 2019-01-14

F0.png Robert Mercer Is Pumped For Nuclear Annihilation January 14, 2019, Owen Davis, Dealbreaker

Back in the carefree days of Summer 2016, we at Dealbreaker wrote that should Donald Trump win the presidency, you'd have Renaissance Technologies to thank. Well, he did, and you do. So now that his man is in the White House (at least Monday through Friday), what is Mercer most anxiously awaiting? Since Mercer lets his millions do most of the talking for him, it's hard to say exactly. But a big New Yorker profile out this week suggests there's at least one eventuality Trump seems to be encouraging that Mercer could get behind: atomic war.

But don't stress! The effects of nuclear annihilation would be perfectly salutary:

[A] onetime senior employee at Renaissance recalls hearing Mercer downplay the dangers posed by nuclear war. Mercer, speaking of the atomic bombs that the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, argued that, outside of the immediate blast zones, the radiation actually made Japanese citizens healthier. The National Academy of Sciences has found no evidence to support this notion. Nevertheless, according to the onetime employee, Mercer, who is a proponent of nuclear power, "was very excited about the idea, and felt that it meant nuclear accidents weren't such a big deal."

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