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Robo-calls warrant 'huge investigation,' former Harper aide says - 2012-03-16

F132.png Robo-calls warrant 'huge investigation,' former Harper aide says March 16, 2012, Renata D'Aliesio, Globe and Mail

Elections Canada has received 700 complaints about misleading calls since reports of its Guelph probe surfaced three weeks ago. Data gathered by media and opposition parties suggest a pattern is emerging across dozens of ridings: Complaints show that Canadians reporting misleading calls had previously been phoned by the Conservative Party to find out how they would vote.

Conservative partisans tried on Friday to tamp down the notion that the problem was bigger than Guelph, releasing records of calls made by an unknown operative who hid behind the alias Pierre Poutine. These records, provided to select journalists Friday, showed that thousands of calls were made to residents of Guelph, and that more than 140 stray calls were dialled to ridings outside the Southern Ontario city – likely in error.

Still, the records don't explain why many voters outside of Guelph contend they received misleading calls directing them to wrong polling locations within their own communities.

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