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Scientology's First 'Victim' - 2015-05-11

F375.png Scientology's First 'Victim' May 11, 2015, M.L. Nestel, Daily Beast

"That bitch Paulette Cooper!"

Those were the choice words belted out by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard back in 1974 as he pounded on his desk while playing Commodore aboard his yacht, the Apollo.

Cooper, one of the earliest writers to look into the Church of Scientology's inner workings, has long maintained that Hubbard (or LRH, as he's often referred to) had it out for her. Just tally up the 19 lawsuits slapped against Cooper by the Church, the 40 lawyers she retained, and the 50 days of depositions—including one reportedly involving a Scientology lawyer who pressed Cooper for a stool sample. (Cooper quipped back: "If you want one, you'll get it—on your head.")

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