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Scientology Critic Convicted - 2001-04-27

F0.png Scientology Critic Convicted April 27, 2001, Declan McCullagh, Wired

WASHINGTON -- A California jury has convicted Keith Henson, a prominent critic of Scientology, of terrorizing the group through Usenet posts and by picketing one of its offices.

Henson, a computer engineer who has been involved in prior legal skirmishes with Scientology, was found guilty on Thursday of interfering with Scientologists' civil rights and now faces a prison sentence of up to one year and a fine of up to $5,000.

The charges revolved around posts Henson made in the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup about targeting a nuclear missile at Scientologists, and Henson's picketing of the group's Golden Era Productions in Riverside, California.

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