Scientology Implosion: Commenters of the Week! - 2011-06-25

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F11.png Scientology Implosion: Commenters of the Week! June 25, 2011, Tony Ortega, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice

Was this a week, or was this a week, fellow Scientology watchers!

We started out with a hallelujah chorus, Scientology style! We're talking about the 1990 "We Stand Tall" singalong that a tipster posted to YouTube and that we put up on the blog Monday morning. Later that day, we revealed that NatGeo's "Turnaround King," Grant Cardone, is a high-level, wealthy Scientologist who, e-mails show, slimed famed acting coach Milton Katselas. On Tuesday, we tided you over with video of Scientology goons hassling reporters Down Under. Then, on Thursday, came the big surprise: Scientology's Enemies List -- a handy guide to the fallen Scientologists and no-good journalists and other church critics in the Western U.S.

And then, what a Friday. We started out with an interview with Janet Reitman, author of Inside Scientology, then revealed a brand-new tease of Mark Bunker's upcoming documentary "Knowledge Report," and then finished off the day with a heartbreaking follow-up on the Milton Katselas story, showing how much Grant Cardone's slime job affected the 73-year-old acting coach.

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