Scientology Payback: Revenge of the Videographers - 2013-10-14

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F347.png Scientology Payback: Revenge of the Videographers October 14, 2013, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

Bert Leahy We've told you Bert Leahy's story before. He was the Texas freelance videographer who worked briefly for Scientology's "Squirrel Busters" caper, helping to snoop on Marty and Monique Rathbun in 2011, before his conscience got the better of him.

Bert soon realized that working for "Dave Statter" wasn't really the documentary project he thought he was working on — he and his fellow Squirrel Busters were obviously just stalking the Rathbuns, and had been told, in Statter's words, to "Make Marty's life a living hell."

Leahy quit after a couple of days, and then felt so lousy about taking part in something so nefarious, he contacted Rathbun to apologize. That's when, after talking to Rathbun, the two of them realized that "Statter" was really Scientology private investigator Dave Lubow.

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