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Scientology vs. Science - 2006-01-12

F0.png Scientology vs. Science January 12, 2006, Andrew Gumbel, Los Angeles CityBeat, Southland Publishing

A few days ago, I visited their new anti-psychiatry museum in Hollywood, thinking, correctly, that it would offer an intriguing window into the thinking of a notoriously secretive organization. With a name like "Psychiatry: Industry of Death," the exhibit was not exactly going to be coy about its point of view.

About halfway through the lengthy parade of videos and visual displays - after I had been informed of psychiatry's long-standing "master plan" for world domination, after the lecture about Adolf Hitler's central role in making this plan a reality, but just before the display holding psychiatry to blame for the deaths of Ernest Hemingway, Del Shannon, Billie Holiday, Kurt Cobain, Spalding Gray, and just about every other entertainment celebrity who did not happen to die of strictly natural causes - a man in a gray shirt and matching tie approached me in the semi-darkness and asked me to step aside.

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