Sex Work Abolitionists Are Going After Pornhub - 2020-03-09

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F0.png Sex Work Abolitionists Are Going After Pornhub March 9, 2020, Tracy Clark-Flory, Jezebel

A petition is underway against the tube site Pornhub for hosting videos of sexual abuse. At first glance, this seems unquestionably reasonable: After all, Pornhub has received repeated criticism for reportedly hosting videos filmed without consent—specifically, undercover camera footage, coercively filmed clips, and videos of rape. As the Guardian reports today, the petition has garnered over 350,000 signatures and centers on "the perceived insufficiency of the company's safeguarding checks" on user uploads, an issue Jezebel previously raised.

What the Guardian does not mention is that the petition against Pornhub is aimed at shutting down the site and was launched by Exodus Cry, a group devoted to the abolition of sex work. The petition itself links to, a site dedicated to closing the tube site, and which prominently quotes Gail Dines, the most visible of today's anti-porn activists. Contrary to the site's claims, this is not a "nonpartisan" petition, but rather an abolitionist project with an emotionally persuasive rallying cry.

Of course, this does not mean that Pornhub, which is owned by Mindgeek, the tube-site behemoth gobbling up the adult industry, is without fault. Last summer, Pornhub continued to work with, and failed to contain the spread of videos from, Girls Do Porn, an amateur porn company sued for abusive filming practices, as Samantha Cole at Vice has tirelessly reported. In the fall, videos of the rape of a missing teenager were reportedly found on the site. Soon after, it was revealed that the site had hosted undercover locker room videos shot at South Carolina's Limestone College, which it only removed after the involvement of law enforcement. Earlier this year, the BBC reported that Pornhub hosted videos of a 14-year-old's rape and was slow to respond to takedown requests.

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