So What DID Harper Say? - 2004-05-20

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F0.png So What DID Harper Say? May 20, 2004, Tom Barrett, The Tyee

Stephen Harper once told an Alberta magazine that his motto is "don't listen to what politicians say, watch what they do."

With a national election about to be visited upon us, we'll rightly be hearing a lot about what Stephen Harper has said in the past. After all, he's never been afraid to express opinions that would be regarded as unconventional at best outside southern Alberta.

He's said parents should be able to pull their children from "union-run" public schools, he's argued that Canada should adopt a U.S. congressional-style system of government, and he's said Canadians are content to live in a "second-tier socialistic country." He's urged Alberta to build a "firewall" to preserve its values against a hostile federal government, he's alleged a federal government conspiracy to stack the courts in favour of gay marriage, and he's said human rights commissions amount to "totalitarianism" and an "attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society."

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