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Blog: AOLA is Circling the Drain - 2016-04-13

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I guess being "ideal" doesn't mean much after all. Of course it IS the brilliant COB strategy for clearing the planet, but any way you slice it, it's a shit sandwich. The public are bled dry. It is the subject of endless filler material for events and magazines showing empty rooms of CGI "buildings." But it is especially shitty if you are an executive in one of these "ideal" orgs. You can imagine the make-wrong "You have a $20 million building and your stats are down? What sort of thanks is that to COB for his brilliance? You are suppressing scientology."
The problem, at least from a staff perspective, is that the "ideal" org is now kryptonite for any reason for downstats. There is NO excuse — before it's "well, we are not ideal, so we suck" but once they are ideal and things STILL suck, there is nowhere to hide. No reason, no matter how valid — the finance system prevents staff from being paid, disconnection and fair game has destroyed any goodwill in our community, the golden age of squirrel tech keeps people away in droves, the price of books are too high to sell etc etc — is acceptable in the face of operating in a marbled palace.</span><br/>{{#widget:Google PlusOne|size=small|count=true}}
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