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<div class="hnews hentry item">[[File:f0.png]] '''<span class="url entry-title">[ Hey, America, Now You Have Our Worst People. You're Welcome.]</span>''' <span class="updated">August 19, 2017</span>, <span class="author vcard"><span class="fn">Scaachi Koul</span>, <span class="org organization-name">Buzzfeed BuzzFeed News</span></span>
<span class="entry-content">If you've been paying attention to all of the increasingly bad news in the world lately, you've probably heard of the [[:Category:Proud Boys|Proud Boys]], a group of right-wing millennial hipsters who like to punch the shit out of each other. Or that crowdfunded ship intended to intercept incoming refugees. Or how about that lady who interrupted a production of Julius Caesar in New York because of Kathy Griffin, or something?
In The Rebel's short two-year history, it has become the leading — if only — voice of Canada's alt-right. The New York Times has called The Rebel "Breitbart North," Breitbart being a far-right news and commentary site that NBC has called "a hub for pro-Trump, anti-immigration and especially anti-Muslim agit-prop." (The Rebel has written about me multiple times, always leading to a flare-up of online harassment and threats of violence and sexual assault.) But over the weekend, contributor [[:Category:Faith Goldy|Faith Goldy]] livestreamed from [[:Category:Charlottesville|Charlottesville]], often speaking about what she considers to be a double standard between protesters, saying, "The alt-right wasn't allowed to demonstrate any show of force. The alt-right wasn't allowed to legally exercise their permit. Chant 'BLM' and all of a sudden the cops don't care. Where are the riot police now?"</span>
<div class="toccolours mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">Wikipedia cite:<div class="mw-collapsible-content"><nowiki>{{cite news | first = Scaachi | last = Koul | title = Hey, America, Now You Have Our Worst People. You're Welcome. | url = | work = Buzzfeed BuzzFeed News | date = August 19, 2017 | accessdate = June 5September 22, 2019 2020 }}</nowiki></div></div>
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