Stephen Harper Is Extending Parliament's Summer Vacation - 2013-08-20

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F0.png Stephen Harper Is Extending Parliament's Summer Vacation August 20, 2013, Joel Balsam, Vice News

Stephen Harper wants to hit the snooze button on the Canadian government's summer vacation. While basically any student in the western world can identify with this need to keep the good times rolling, it's not exactly the most confidence-inducing behaviour for a responsible, reliable government to be condoning. And yet, yesterday it was announced that parliament will be prorogued, a.k.a. delayed, until October—instead of starting on September 16th. The exact date for a return hasn't been set yet, but it's probably going to be after Canada's collective Thanksgiving food coma.

According to Steve, the extra month will give him time to write a big speech to Canadians called a throne speech and groom his new cabinet ministers by teaching them things like "who to engage or avoid: friend and enemy."

Some political pundits on CBC and CTV have told their audiences to not freak out. According to them, Canadian parliaments prorogue all the time (which, especially under Stephen Harper, is true), but I see all of this differently: freak out, people!

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