Stephen Harper intimidates charities into silence - 2014-07-15

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F94.png Stephen Harper intimidates charities into silence July 15, 2014, Carol Goar, Opinion, Toronto Star

Voluntary agencies live in fear of the Canada Revenue Agency. If it decides they have stepped over the line between good works and political activity — pointing out the link between poverty and government austerity for example — it can revoke their charitable status.

That means they can no longer issue tax receipts to their donors. They fall off the list of "registered charities." They lose their credibility and their funds dwindle.

Until 2012, this threat was largely theoretical. In rare instances, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) revoked an organization's charitable status, but it was clear why they were de-listed: they siphoned donations into their founders' own pockets, they provided a front for shadowy groups or they used most of their funds for administration.

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