The 'Freedom Convoy' Is Nothing But A Vehicle For The Far Right - 2022-01-27

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F0.png The 'Freedom Convoy' Is Nothing But A Vehicle For The Far Right January 27, 2022, Canadian Anti-Hate Network

A crowd-funded convoy, ostensibly fighting against a mandate for truckers to be vaccinated, has raised over $6 million dollars. Its two GoFundMe organizers are previously known figures in Canada's far-right ecosystem and have publicly made Islamophobic comments. Its loudest promoter, Pat King, is a racist who has tried to incite his audience to violence more times than you can count. (He's so bad for their public image that the other organizers have even tried to put some distance between them.)

Some convoy supporters, like the Diagolon network, are even saying that they want this to be Canada's very own January 6th, referring to the attempted insurrection in Washington, DC that led to multiple deaths and widespread arrests. Diagolon is an accelerationist movement, which means they believe a revolution is inevitable and necessary to collapse the current system. It's also rife with neo-Nazis.

Since the start of the pandemic, COVID conspiracies have been bringing various fringe and far-right elements together. The close connections between the People's Party of Canada, the young white supremacists of Canada First, and the Diagolon network is one example. This convoy is another.

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