The 'Scam Artist' Brothers Tearing the Gun Movement Apart - 2020-06-23

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F375.png The 'Scam Artist' Brothers Tearing the Gun Movement Apart June 23, 2020, Brian Freskos, Daily Beast

Matt Windschitl had one more chance to address colleagues in the Iowa House of Representatives before they voted on his pro-gun bill, the culmination of a years-long effort to produce what one supporter hailed as "the most monumental and sweeping piece of gun legislation in Iowa's history." The veteran Republican lawmaker walked up to the chamber podium—and unleashed a counterattack against an unlikely foe.

It was April 2017, and for years Windschitl had found himself absorbing broadsides from a man named Aaron Dorr, a far-right provocateur who led a gun rights advocacy organization called Iowa Gun Owners. Dorr had recently taken to Facebook to accuse Windschitl of brokering backroom deals to appease anti-gun forces in the state Capitol, saying the lawmaker was "far more concerned about making sure his hair is just perfectly taken care of" than fighting for gun rights.

Standing stern-faced at the microphone, Windschitl denounced the professed activist as a hype man focused on ginning up donations for his group. Dorr promoted himself as the leader of Iowa's only "no compromise gun lobby," but Windschitl pointed out that Dorr was not even registered as a lobbyist. When Windschitl asked whether anyone in the chamber had spoken to Dorr about the omnibus gun bill, no one raised a hand.

"If you're sending this guy money, I'm asking you to stop… It is time for his scam to end," Windschitl said. "You need and you deserve the truth: Aaron Dorr is a scam artist, a liar, and he is doing Iowans no services and no favors."

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