The Alt-Right Will Fail. Even Under President Trump - 2016-11-10

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F354.png The Alt-Right Will Fail. Even Under President Trump November 10, 2016, Emma Grey Ellis, Wired

A victory for Donald Trump is a victory for his supporters. Among them are voters who feel disenfranchised and overlooked, who fear their way of life is disappearing. But they also include a noisy minority of misogynist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic racists who made ubiquitous on social media during the campaign. This group, known as the alt-right, grew from an obscure white supremacist think tank. Now the candidate they embraced is about to become the most powerful politician in the world.

Yet perhaps paradoxically, their future looks iffy.

When a group denounced as deplorable by the seeming mainstream has its beliefs affirmed on this grand scale, that group cannot help but change. On the one hand, for the alt-right and white supremacists, that affirmation is cause for them to celebrate: what was once only said on the fringes and behind closed doors now appears to be part of mainstream discourse. (See Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke tweeting in jubilation at Trump's ascendency.) Yet even as a Trump presidency appears to increase its influence, the alt-right is bound to falter. The half-life for extremist groups is short: the alt-right has a good chance of fracturing into oblivion. Or it could just fizzle: that's what happens when you no longer have anyone in power to yell at but your own champion.

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