The Canadian Company Hosting the Far Right - 2021-05-26

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F0.png The Canadian Company Hosting the Far Right May 26, 2021, Steven Zhou, Canadaland

A Canadian video-sharing platform previously known for cute pet videos and other apolitical content has become a new, go-to choice for high-profile far-right voices.

Rumble is a Toronto-based site that enjoyed little notice until a number of prominent and stridently conservative voices started using and boosting it after the U.S. election last November.

Founded in 2013 by tech entrepreneur Chris Pavlovski, the platform never aimed to be a right-wing hub. But the infusion of major alt-right figures and outlets dissatisfied with mainstream social media sites like YouTube and Twitter has boosted Rumble's traffic and business.

Figures like notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who got kicked off of YouTube in 2018, and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who also got banned from YouTube this January, have found in Rumble a host that won't punish them for pushing content that contains misinformation.

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