The Crazy Tax Scam You've Never Heard Of - 2015-04-12

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F375.png The Crazy Tax Scam You've Never Heard Of April 12, 2015, Brea Tremblay, Daily Beast

At this very moment, people across America are doing their taxes and discovering they owe more money than they have. And the majority of those people are reacting to the news in a normal fashion, which is to say, they're setting up a payment plan, begging a relative or ordering a beer they can't afford, and putting the bill off until next year.

But a small portion are discovering an ideology that claims their tax bill is entirely invalid because IRS correspondence is written in all capital letters, which means it's addressed to a legal entity which shares your name but is not you, and in fact, the government owes you money—at least $630,000.

This is "sovereign citizen" logic, as heady, cheap, and rotten as a box of wine left out in the sun.

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