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The Legal Arm of the Christian Right - 2012-11-05

F0.png The Legal Arm of the Christian Right November 5, 2012, Brian Tashman, Political Research Associates

LGBTQ Rights

In a 1997 fundraising note entitled, "Chief counsel's confidential report on the homosexual agenda," Jay Sekulow accused everyone from the entertainment industry and public schools to Fortune 500 companies of promoting the "homosexual agenda," which he described as a "runaway train bent on destroying our communities."39

"Homosexuals are not only out of the closet, they are out to destroy the family as we know it," Sekulow warned, writing that gay rights advocates intend to make America "the world's greatest promoter of every form of sexual deviancy." He insisted in the memo that "the state has a compelling interest to ban the act of homosexuality" and at minimum refuse "to promote the act that society deems destructive."

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