The Prisoners of Saint Hill - 1994-01-31

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F125.png The Prisoners of Saint Hill January 31, 1994, Tim Kelsey, The Independent

For two weeks, the room was locked. The German had been placed on an 'isolation watch' - or what Scientologists more informally refer to as a 'baby watch'. It is a treatment that was prescribed by the founder of the cult, L Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer, for members showing signs of psychosis or mental ill-health - people who are, literally, plagued by evil spirits. It is the last resort for dealing with difficult Scientologists. It is a treatment that the organisation has so far kept secret.

The subject of the watch is observed at all times, and not allowed to talk to anybody. He or she is, in the language of the cult, 'muzzled'. Our witnesses, who have asked to remain anonymous, remember that the German was sometimes incontinent and that they had to wash him down at the sink in the otherwise bare room. The five people who guarded him were only allowed to communicate with him in writing. Eventually, he was allowed to return to Germany.

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