The kids in the Reform Party - 2019-12-10

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F0.png The kids in the Reform Party December 10, 2019, Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean, Opinon, Lethbridge Herald

Between Scheer's inability to sincerely convey that he would protect the rights of all Canadians and his incredible lack of success in commanding attention even when he was the only person in front of the camera, Scheer was not the person Canadians could envision as their next prime minister.

It goes much deeper than that, though, as Byrne's comments show. Reform couldn't find success outside of the western provinces because the core of the party's policies were antiquated and exclusionary; the CPC is no different.

There was no great "meeting of the minds" in the creation of the CPC, there was only Reform policy hiding in plain sight behind a centrist conservative disguise.

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