There's No Such Thing As a Smart Fascist - 2023-05-31

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F0.png There's No Such Thing As a Smart Fascist May 31, 2023, Catherynne M. Valente, Garbagetown

It is truly astounding how quickly, holistically, and voluntarily Ronald DeSantis transformer-ed himself from the seemingly-inevitable President Damien (what up, Omen III fans) of democratic nightmares to Principal Puddingfingers, smearing his shitty evil custard all over the educational system and uncontrollably red-faced screaming at random kids for wearing outfits he doesn't like and holding hands in the hallways while waging a war against fun, love, and happiness.

I don't mean to downplay the horror that lives inside of that sodden manatee-turd of a man, or the horror he is slowly releasing from the fucking lich-seal he calls a heart into poor Florida, who, despite just fully being Florida all the time, didn't deserve this.

But this was the guy.

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