Timeline of the Coronavirus Pandemic and U.S. Response - 2020-09-09

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F0.png Timeline of the Coronavirus Pandemic and U.S. Response September 9, 2020, Ryan Goodman, Just Security

Editor's note: originally published on April 13, 2020, most recently updated on September 9, 2020.

What follows is a comprehensive timeline of major U.S. policy events related to the novel coronavirus pandemic. We've focused on the U.S. government's preparation for a pandemic, tracking warning signals of COVID-19, and public and internal responses when the outbreak hit inside the United States.

In our view, the timeline is clear: Like previous administrations, the Trump administration knew for years that a pandemic of this gravity was possible and imminently plausible. Several Trump administration officials raised strong concerns prior to the emergence of COVID-19 and raised alarms once the virus appeared within the United States. While some measures were put in place to prepare the United States for pandemic readiness, many more were dismantled since 2017.

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