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Tom Cruise = Crazy (Jonathan Coulton music video) - 2008-07-30

F355.png Tom Cruise = Crazy (Jonathan Coulton music video) July 30, 2008, AnonyFerret, YouTube

I support Anonymous!

NOTE: Jonathan is aware of this video, has expressed appreciation, and requested that it be posted on his personal website (see for yourself). He is also the talented guy responsible for the wildly popular "Still Alive" closing credits music from the game Portal (as sung by GLaDOS). In other words, he's pretty nifty.

False claims of copyright infringement from fraudulent, non-existent, misspelled companies set up as fronts for butthurt Scientologists who can't counter opposing opinions, fact, logic, documentation (and so on) will be reported to relevant YT staff as proof of ongoing abuse of YT policies, and also countered with a lot of pointing and laughing.

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