Trump's Hunter Biden Attacks Have Gone Nowhere - 2020-09-29

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F0.png Trump's Hunter Biden Attacks Have Gone Nowhere September 29, 2020, Nidhi Prakash, BuzzFeed News

President Donald Trump has long tried to press a reelection strategy that turns "Where's Hunter?" — an attack on Joe Biden via his son — into the "lock her up" of 2020. It just hasn't really worked.

Trump and his followers used to spend considerable energy taunting Hunter Biden at campaign rallies and on Twitter, eager to make an issue out of his work overseas and raise suspicions that his father, the former vice president, somehow used his influence to help enrich his son.

Then for months, the strategy faded as Trump searched for an attack that would stick to Biden, who has remained persistently ahead of the president in national polls and many battleground state polls. But with the first debate Tuesday night, and a new report from Senate Republicans that relies on baseless old allegations and debunked theories, Trump appears eager to bring Hunter back for one last try.

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