Trump Suggests We Choose Profits Over Saving Lives From Coronavirus - 2020-03-25

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F0.png Trump Suggests We Choose Profits Over Saving Lives From Coronavirus March 25, 2020, Emanuel Maiberg, Vice News

As the coronavirus rages across the country, killing dozens of people a day, overwhelming hospitals, and demolishing the lives of anyone who's not able to keep making an income from home, our government has started to seriously float a new strategy to deal with the deadly global pandemic: let potentially millions of people die long, excruciating deaths in order to more quickly repair the economy.

I've spent the last 16 days hiding in my apartment to do whatever I can to not get sick and to "flatten the curve," a mantra we've been holding on to for dear life as the world falls apart around us. The idea is that by extremely limiting our movement and contact with other people, we'll be able to slow the spread of coronavirus to a pace that our healthcare system could better manage. Hospitals in New York City, an epicenter of the pandemic, are already overwhelmed. The number of available beds is running out faster than the state and hospitals are able to increase capacity, the number of available and life saving ventilators is quickly dwindling, and healthcare providers are already coming in to work potentially sick and without appropriate protective gear.

Disaster has already struck. It's foolish and dangerous to pretend otherwise. The best we can do now is reduce the amount of human suffering, or at least that's what I thought the goal was when we said "we're all in this together." But the President, the governor of New York, and countless economic palm readers have suggested that some number of easily avoidable deaths is perhaps acceptable and even good if it means people can start going back to work, buying consumer goods, and pulling the stock market up from its weeks-long nosedive.

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