Twitter Declines to Explain Taking $1 Million From Hate Group - 2019-10-04

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F0.png Twitter Declines to Explain Taking $1 Million From Hate Group October 4, 2019, Alex Kotch, Sludge

Twitter's ad policies make it clear that hate groups aren't allowed to promote their posts. But one prominent anti-immigrant organization has spent $934,000 on Twitter ads, and Twitter sees no problem with this.

The hate watchdog Southern Poverty Law Center describes the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which was founded by prominent white nationalist John Tanton, as "America's most influential anti-immigrant organization." The group helps author and promote anti-immigrant legislation at the state and local levels, advocating anti-sanctuary city laws and an end to birthright citizenship. Over the years, FAIR officials, including at least one eugenicist, have been tied to white nationalist organizations such as VDARE and the Council of Conservative Citizens. FAIR president Dan Stein said that the passage of a 1965 immigration act that ended a racist quota system limiting immigration to mostly northern Europeans was "a mistake."

Twitter's ad policies prohibit ads containing "hateful content." It defines hateful content as hate speech and harassment, but also "organizations, groups, or individuals associated with promoting hate, criminal, or terrorist-related content," suggesting that accounts associated with hate would violate its policy.

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