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The UmbraXenu server.

UmbraXenu is something of an off-Wikipedia project, with articles, information and documentation on Scientology and related topics, mainly conforming to Wikipedia policies on references, verifiability and neutral point of view. Probably somewhat looser on reliable sources, and definitely without all the Wikipedia politics and sabotage by cultic supporters.

Note: While all news articles here have a cite template for easy use on Wikipedia, they are not automatically reliable sources, especially in biographies of living persons. As well, some articles may have links to secondary source copies that are not acceptable. Please review and use judgement before boldly copy-pasting, and when in doubt, try for consensus on the Talk page first.

Policy differences

  • Notability: As this wiki concentrates on topics related to Scientology, there is no general notability requirement, only notability as related to Scientology. As well, since UmbraXenu uses a push model from sources to categories rather than a pull model of articles from cites, many stub categories exist that may or may not accumulate more references as sources are added.
  • Primary sources: For information such as corporate data, primary government sources are used because they are definitive. Secondary sources can add no accuracy, only interpretation.

"This isn't even my final form!"

There is currently a mismatch between the news references with elaborate connecting tags and Mediawiki's article/category structure. Eventually the news references will be pushed out of main article space, and some of the categories brought into it. This will also make it easier to give the news references different protection levels from standard articles, since they are created from an external database. On the program side, hopefully anything needed can be done with custom extensions rather than core code changes and dealing with the forking mess that would create.

Other editors

The plan is to open up editing to other editors over time, however as the overall structure is still fluid, that's on hold at present. As well, there is a lot of attempted bot abuse from China and Texas. Wikipedia uses a vast community of eyes watching to correct abuse, but below a critical number of active editors, it is suicide for a new Wiki to follow the "anyone can edit" model.


UmbraXenuWiki runs rather well on a Raspberry Pi with the Raspbian distro and a terabyte hard drive.


By engaging in attempts to circumvent or destroy security of this system, you are authorizing whatever countermeasures the site owner deems necessary to prevent this, including passive or intrusive access of your own computers and networks. Continued attempts are your agreement and authorization for this. Have a nice day.


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