We Need Your Help, Scientology Watchers - 2013-04-15

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F347.png We Need Your Help, Scientology Watchers April 15, 2013, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

The Underground Bunker is already largely fueled by its readers. Our worldwide tipster network keeps us informed of the latest breaking stories, and feeds us inside information that you can't get anywhere else. For 17 years we've been writing about the world of Scientology, and since this time two years ago, we've carved out something unique: a daily blog that breaks Scientology news, analyzes stories breaking elsewhere, and brings together one of the very best commenting communities anywhere.

[BREAKING NEWS: See below for news about Oklahoma's drug rehab bill]

We owe a lot of that to you. And now, we're asking you to help us out even more. Most of you are probably fully aware of how the journalism industry has been decimated by the Internet. But the 'net has also given rise to amazing new opportunities, like this singular website. We'd like to keep it going, but in order to do so, and in order to make plans that will help us keep it going for the indefinite future, we have decided to post a Paypal Donate button.

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