What If Trump Loses And Won't Leave? - 2020-09-14

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F0.png What If Trump Loses And Won't Leave? September 14, 2020, Geoffrey Skelley, FiveThirtyEight

For months now, President Trump has carefully planted the seed that he might not leave the office of the presidency willingly if he loses.

Whether it's tweeting that the election should be delayed as it "will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history" or that there will be widespread voter fraud because of the expected uptick in mail ballots due to the coronavirus, Trump seems intent on undermining the electoral process.

This, in turn, raises a rather thorny and unprecedented question: What happens if Trump won't go? The answer is bleak. Experts tell me that the president actually has a lot of power at his discretion to contest the election, and some of the scenarios that could bring us to the edge of a crisis are actually very plausible.

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