Where Running Over Protesters Could Become Legal - 2020-09-23

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F375.png Where Running Over Protesters Could Become Legal September 23, 2020, Spencer Ackerman, Daily Beast

After a summer that saw dozens of horrific car attacks on Black Lives Matter demonstrators across America, activists and attorneys are warning that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is trying to legalize them, and turn Florida into a model of vigilante anti-protester violence for other states to follow.

DeSantis' effort follows in the tracks of an earlier one. In 2017, several states proposed—but did not pass—indemnities for drivers who ran down protesters. They did so shortly before the most infamous such episode: the August 2017 murder of antiracist protester Heather Heyer at Charlottesville's Unite The Right Rally.

Now, should other Republican governors or state legislatures follow DeSantis' lead, much of the groundwork will already be in place.

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