Who's pulling the strings in the Conservative Party? - 2019-06-14

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F185.png Who's pulling the strings in the Conservative Party? June 14, 2019, Antonia Zerbisias, rabble.ca

Just about every pundit and political cartoonist in the land believes that this has all been orchestrated by former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper. That he's the man in the background and backrooms concocting an evil plot to run pipelines from sea to sea to sea -- and the Gulf of Mexico too.

That's partly because of a profile of Scheer in L'Actualité, the French-language counterpart to Maclean's. In it, Scheer, along with his consigliore Hamish Marshall, a founder of the right-wing Rebel Media, are described as graduates of Harper's school of politics.

According to Carl Vallée, Harper's former press attaché, Scheer, Marshall and most Conservative strategists "grew up with Harper who taught them everything. In this sense … it's still Harper's party." What's more, the profile continues, Scheer rarely makes a move without consulting Harper -- as well as Kenney, a former senior cabinet minister in the Harper government.

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