Who Funds PragerU's Anti-Muslim Content? - 2018-12-27

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F0.png Who Funds PragerU's Anti-Muslim Content? December 27, 2018, Alex Kotch, Sludge

"Europe is committing suicide," says British author Douglas Murray in a video published by the far-right educational nonprofit Prager University. The cause? "The mass movement of peoples into Europe…from the Middle East, North Africa and East Asia" who allegedly made Europe lose faith in its beliefs and traditions.

Murray goes on to explain that temporary workers, such as a dark-skinned man illustrated in the video, enjoyed hefty welfare benefits from their new European homes. He laments "multiculturalism" in Europe and offers a seemingly fake statistic that the most popular boys' name in the United Kingdom was Muhammed. (In 2017, Muhammed was tenth on the list of most popular baby boys' names, down from eighth in 2016, according to the U.K. Office of National Statistics.)

The video, which has been viewed 3.3 million times on YouTube, features illustrations of well-dressed white Brits and dark-skinned Middle Eastern and North African immigrants, often in ethnic garb. European leaders let black and brown immigrants into their nations, thus committing "the self-annihilation of a culture," alleges Murray.

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