Why Is Florida's Government Withholding COVID Data? - 2020-12-16

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F0.png Why Is Florida's Government Withholding COVID Data? December 16, 2020, Mary Harris, Slate Magazine

Then DeSantis brought in more scientific firepower, specifically two professors behind the Great Barrington Declaration, a document expressing what they call "grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies." Instead of a lockdown, they recommend an approach they call "Focused Protection."

The "focus" was on keeping people who are vulnerable or had preexisting conditions from having any exposure to the vaccine, to the virus, and everybody else should just go about their business and just protect that significant group of people.

The argument here was that if you do this, the population will build up herd immunity. This declaration was sponsored by the American Institute for Economic Research—which is not exactly the American Medical Association.

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