Why MAGA Social Media Is a Hacker's Wet Dream - 2021-10-31

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F375.png Why MAGA Social Media Is a Hacker's Wet Dream October 31, 2021, Adam Rawnsley, Daily Beast

When a photo of a pig in an obscene position smothered in poop was posted to an account that appeared to belong to former President Donald Trump on his newest social media platform, it was clear that his so-called "Truth Social" had already fallen into a familiar trap.

Like Gab, Parler, and Gettr before it, TruthSocial, is just the latest alternative conservative social media platform to burst onto the scene and immediately bungle its debut.

And if its predecessors' public fumbles are any guide, it's not over yet, because the only thing more inevitable than a new app launch touting free speech, is an embarrassing strings of hacks, mass scrapes, pranksters taking advantage of loopholes, and content moderation dumpster fires that follow their debut.

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