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Why the Conservatives are losing the culture war - 2020-01-30

F0.png Why the Conservatives are losing the culture war January 30, 2020, Alan Freeman, Opinion, iPolitics

We didn't learn much about Peter MacKay's ideas or policies as he launched his leadership bid for the Conservative Party of Canada last week but we did learn lots about his favourite pastimes.

MacKay says his go-to sports are hockey and bare-knuckle boxing and he can't wait to challenge Justin Trudeau to a fight under "UFC rules or on the ice, no headgear, no gloves." At the same time, we now know what MacKay would never be caught doing: Practicing yoga or dancing.

You may wonder why MacKay, a 54-year-old Toronto lawyer and father of three small children, would want to risk severe brain injury as a way of keeping fit, but he clearly had a point to make. If he's going to become Conservative leader, he has to prove to party stalwarts that he's no sissy, like that former drama teacher, Justin Trudeau.

Welcome to Canada's culture wars, brought to you courtesy of the Conservative Party.

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