Will the SNC-Lavalin scandal turn off voters? - 2019-08-18

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F182.png Will the SNC-Lavalin scandal turn off voters? August 18, 2019, Vassy Kapelos, CBC News

First, people are realllllly mad about it. On both "sides." I have a very technical way of figuring this out. I take a look at my hate mail, see what people are mad at me about and voila, reach my conclusion. Pure science. Trust me when I say this controversy has generated more hate mail than anything I've ever seen before.

When tweeting details of the ethics commissioner's report, by way of example, I was called obnoxious, irrelevant, a "Libtard" and a Conservative mouthpiece. These are the pleasantries this issue brings out in people, but they are also why it's difficult to predict what kind of an impact the controversy will have on the election.

A lot of people have decided what they believe; either former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould was standing up for the rule of law, or Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was standing up for Canadian jobs. By the end of March, I'd guess, a lot of people had picked one or the other.

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