Will the federal election be strictly Canadian? - 2019-08-12

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F0.png Will the federal election be strictly Canadian? August 12, 2019, Alan Holman, The Guardian PEI

Canada isn't a big player on the world stage, but we are on the stage and occasionally we get noticed. But is Canada of such importance, or sufficiently irritating, that another country might want to influence the upcoming federal election the way the Russians mucked about in the last American presidential election?

Canadian farmers are already paying a stiff price for Canada at the behest of the Americans arresting a senior executive of a Chinese tech company. China has put curbs on the import of Canadian soya beans and pork. They have also arrested two Canadians on what on the surface looks like very spurious charges.

As Canadian politics becomes more and more dependent on computers and the internet, does Elections Canada have the knowledge, expertise and the money to ensure the only participants in the October election are, in fact, Canadians?

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