You're Paying for Scientology's Gulf War Syndrome 'Experiment' - 2015-08-12

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F375.png You're Paying for Scientology's Gulf War Syndrome 'Experiment' August 12, 2015, Brandy Zadrozny, Daily Beast

The entire Annapolis space is covered with memorabilia—photos, plaques and letters—from the rescue and cleanup effort after the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. In the frames, firemen pose amidst the rubble, holding up their own sweat-stained towels from the center Tom Cruise built in downtown Manhattan to treat sick first responders free of charge.

"You see the color?" Grant says, pointing to a greyish dirty towel hanging on the wall—an artifact that, she says, shows off the program's efficacy at ridding the body of nasty toxins.

Grant flips through a photo album filled with snapshots of similar towels. An identification number is taped on each one. "These are from the Gulf War veterans. You see the stains? Pink, blue, brown, purple, orange, and this one also has light yellow. The color is beautiful, but it's not good for the body."

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