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Your Mama Hears... - 2007-06-01

F373.png Your Mama Hears... June 1, 2007, Mark David, Variety

That sad eyed actor Giovanni Ribisi is buying a condominium in Silver Lake. The 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom unit is part of a new complex of townhouse like condominiums right on Silver Lake Boulevard and was listed at $675,000. The photos below are not the actual unit, but another in the same complex.

Your Mama is not able to confirm this purchase through property records so we're going on the good word of Lucy Spillerguts, one of our more prolific and always correct tipsters.

Your Mama can't imagine why the Scientologist and brother-in-law of Beck would want to buy a condo instead of a house, but then again, we're not even sure this condo is being purchased for his own use. Could be just another landing pad for the Scientologist faithful? An interim place while he renovates a house? Or maybe he's just a modest living actor, which is a notion that, strangely, we almost never consider when talking about celebs.

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