'I was harassed by Scientology' - 2016-09-07

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F44.png 'I was harassed by Scientology' September 7, 2016, Emma Reynolds, News.com.au

DAVID* was 17 and living in Brisbane when he saw an advert for a personality test and thought it might help improve his job prospects.

It was only when he went inside what looked like a "dingy and dilapidated" office block that he realised he was in the Church of Scientology.

A naturally curious teenager who liked science and "weird stuff", David took the test and was told — like most people who try the 200-question Oxford Capacity Analysis — the religion could help him improve as a person.

"I found the multiple choice questions quite odd and began to want out," he told news.com.au. "They went through the results and said how dianetics could help the various aspects of my life. They kept it going for a fairly uncomfortable amount of time.

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